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OP1 Industries

On Demand Manufacturing

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What we bring



Less is More

Our team will work with you to bring new or existing designs into the unique manufacturing process, from design to production.

  • CAD Rendering

  • Structural Analysis

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Custom Hardware Design

  • Pre-Production Model

We focus on automation over manual labor to maintain consistency between parts, reduce overhead costs and to leverage lights-out manufacturing.

At Op1 Industries, we believe that handling material during the manufacturing process degrades the consistency and precision of our work. We leverage our years of experience making parts on industry leading 4 and 5 axis machine tools unlike any other manufacturer.


Makino a51nx

Spindle - 14,000 RPM
Rapids - 2,362 IPM
Cutting - 1.968 IPM
Maximum Workpiece - ø24.8" x 35.4"
Maximum Payload - 880 LBS
Chip to Chip - 2.2 SECONDS


- Machine Capabilities -

Makino a51nx
4-axis HMC

Hexagon Global S
5-axis CMM

Tsugami B0326 III
6-axis Swiss Lathe

This is our workhorse for milling solutions at Op1. Our combined experience in Horizontal Milling Centers (HMC) allows us to fully maximize what this machine is truly capable of. We have a dedicated programmer and operator to this machine to keep it running at its optimal capacity. 

Manufacturing parts true to print starts on the best machine tools in the industry, but is confirmed on a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). Our dedicated CMM specialist has over a decade in metrology and engineering. We offer the ability to certify parts, fixtures and QC tools as well as provide detailed inspection reports.

For over a decade, our Swiss operator and programmer has received wide recognition from the industry for pushing Swiss machine tools to their absolute limit. Being among the first American machinists to fully utilize this capability for the defense sector has given our company an edge in automating parts traditionally done on Vertical Milling Centers (VMC).

Support Equipment:
- Okamoto ACC-16•32GX (Automatic Surface Grinder)
- 8" Chuck, Samsung CNC Lathe (2-axis)
- Haas MiniMill (3-axis VMC)
- CNC Bridgeport Prototrak (3-axis VMC)
- Manual Lathe (2-axis Lathe)
- Horizontal Band Saw


tsugami swiss lathe.jpg

Tsugami B0326 III

Main Spindle - 8,000 RPM
Sub Spindle - 8,000
Maximum Part Size - 1.26" / 32mm
Max Headstock Stroke - 12.99" / 330mm
12' Bar Loader




Op1 Industries, integrating aerospace innovation into cutting edge technologies.

Owned and Operated by

Chad Dixon

Manufacturing / Operations

Over 20+ years of experience in manufacturing for the aerospace, military, and naval industries. Chad has extensive backgrounds in R&D and production machining.

Neal Birchfield

Consulting / Engineering

Over 10+ years working in the field of Mechanical and Structural Engineering, he has worked across multiple industries, including higher education where he taught in design, manufacturing, and computational analysis.  He brings a wealth of knowledge spanning from experimental testing, analytical/numerical modeling, and material science.

Sean Bernstein

Consulting / Design

Currently serving as a Force Reconnaissance Marine Instructor with over 11 years in Special Operations. Sean is a highly trained CAD / CAM programmer with experience in custom knife design and manufacturing.

Beau Brown

Quality Engineer

Over 15+ years in the aerospace industry as a engineer and metrologist. Beau has a wide range of skills in both lean manufacturing processes, quality control and machining experience. 



3570 Sunshine Pl

Grove City, OH 43123

Tel: 206-718-6623

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